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Our House

The University of Idaho Kappa Kappa Gamma is a beautiful colonial white house on the hill that was built in the 1800’s.  A professor at the University previously owned the house, and Omega Pi purchased the house in 1911.  They were granted a Kappa Kappa Gamma charter in 1916.

This colonial home received an addition in 1955 that helped home more women, and today, the majority of the members are able to live in the house.  Thanks to our wonderful alumni and House Board Corporation, the house has received numerous interior renovations to keep it magnificent and comfortable for its members to live in. 

The first floor consists of all the common rooms.  The foyer and formal were remodeled in 2009, and new carpet was put in the formal and TV room in the Spring of 2015.  Members crowd into the TV room to hang out and watch favorite shows together.  The dining room is also a great place to hang out and study, as well as eat meals and work on crafts or projects.  The tables in the dining room were from the early 1900’s when Kappa Kappa Gamma at University of Idaho began, and every year, the seniors sign their name on the table during Senior Week.  There is a kitchenette available to the members to heat food up, make snacks, and store left overs in the fridge.  Our amazing cooks serve meals Sunday dinner to Friday lunch, and they are extremely accommodating with food allergies or dietary needs.

The second floor of the white colonial home is where the women of Kappa Kappa Gamma live.  All the rooms have movable furniture, and each room has a slightly different set up from each other. Members are able to decorate their personal living area to reflect their unique style and personality.

We recently had a few renovations for our hallways and bathrooms. We are also beginning to remodel the rooms with wood floors, nice white closets, and marble counter tops for the rooms with vanities! We are so excited for everything to be complete. 

The sleeping porch is on the third floor, which is where all the members sleep.  The porch is 24 hour quiet and dark, which makes sleeping peaceful and comfortable.  The ladies of Kappa love the porch because of how dark it is, and they appreciate the HVAC air system that keeps the porch at a constant temperature.

One cool aspect about the house is that Kappa symbols can be found everywhere, from the details on the wall to the tile on the floor.  All of the artwork in Kappa is made and donated by previous Kappa's.  The white house on the hill has been a home away from home for over 100 years, and it continues to be a home for all of its members.